Board of Directors

The Ontario Association of Orthodontists is the official voice to organized dental associations, recognized educational institutions, professional licensing bodies, the public and government.

Our current board is listed below. For more information about the OAO and its members, to contact us by email please use the online contact form.



Dr.Girish Deshpande


Past President

Dr. Natoosha Nargaski

Vice President

Dr. Joel Schacher



Dr. Maxwell Abraham


Dr. Eric Smith



Dr. Brenda Chekay


Dr. Ashley Phuong


Administrative Contacts

Operations - Shari Bricks 
Office Administration - Shirley Yuen
Website - Anthony Nijmeh

Office Address

1370 Don Mills Rd. Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario  M3B 3N7
Phone: 416-490-8414  
Toll-Free: 1-888-788-4898